A unique solution for the
Self Sovereign Identity framework
in the Human Resources Industry

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The digital space is currently evolving at its fastest pace since its inception. Everyone can set up its own Digital Identity, and soon as EU citizens we will get a European Digital Identity embedded in a smartphone app for free.  No more intermediaries, better efficiency, no more data used without our consent, fewer frauds, costs reduction for businesses, better privacy for everyone. 

Tomorrow Talent's data used by companies will only be controlled by Talents and HR databases will be progressively backed up by secured protocols to access multiple external digital vaults. Soon companies will be requested to interact with their employees' Digital Identity to exchange credentials, send messages, sign documents or just to authenticate them.

Talao proposes a web application to deploy and manage this new framework in the HR sector. This solution is based on the Self Sovereign Identity model (SSI)  and W3C standards for Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identity (DID). It also follows the 
European self-sovereign identity framework (ESSIF) recommendations to comply with the future EU Digital Identity toolbox. It is a unique platform that empowers the most secured Digital Identity schemes built with blockchain technologies to embrace a new challenge of Talent management.

Get the most of the
Professional Digital Identity of your Talents

A professional Talent portfolio gathers all information that showcases Talent real value and employability : experiences, skills, diploma, assessments, and the associated evidence.

It is managed by Talent themselves in their portfolio, where they can store and encrypt their credentials for on-demand access and instant verification.

Get access to Talents verifiable data to make the right decisions.

Create a trustworthy and long term partnership with your Talents by enriching their professional portfolio.

Why do we need blockchain
 technologies for Digital Identity solutions ?


data integrity

Credentials are signed by cryptographic materials. The public  part of that material is stored  on a blockchain ensuring that it cannot be altered or tampered.



No intermediaries to store and control your Digital Identity.  Personal attributs are kept off chain by their owner only.



Anyone can verify a credential in seconds to know if the information is accurate and if the issuer and subject of the claim are the correct ones.



To recover your Identity , add new services. Blockchain smart contats offer flexibility to  reconfigure Digital Identities to last for years.

Expertise and tools
for your project

Talao provides customization to set up your own corporate wallet.

Talao supports you in your project to meet your human ressources challenges.

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A great opportunity to embrace the future of Digital Identities

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