Talao is a blockchain protocol to manage a professional Self Sovereign Digital Identity
Talao allows Professional Identities for talents, Compagnies and claims issuers such as Schools or Training Centers. It is for everyone the opportunity to use a new technology to get tamper proof professional data while keeping the ownership of those data.
Identities with their verifiable claims can be displayed anywhere on digital platforms: social medias, websites, Job Boards, etc..
They provide to third parties reliable data about professional experiences, skills and education.

Our Board members

Denis Lafont-Trevisan
Co-founder Talao, GrowthSeeds

Outsourcing and Technology Markets specialist, former cofounder of Fi System, former Vice President of Capgemini and former Venture Capitalist.

Anil Bernard Dende
Deputy General Director at Kedge Business School.
He is overseeing the strategy of the Group, the digital transformation, the student experience, the business relations and entrepreneurship, the promotion and acquisition, the international development and subsidiaries, and the CSR. He is a recognized expert of digital operations.

Our partners