FAQ Requester

Who can see the answers to my requests?

By choosing the "private response" option, only you will be able to read the responses to your request.

How can I commission the eMindHub expert community?

You can contact the community of experts in three different ways:

  • By asking a question to get reviews, feedback, ideas
  • By publishing an advert for an ad hoc expert mission via a questionnaire in order to pre-qualify the most relevant experts
  • By publishing a tender or an innovation challenge to get direct service proposals

How do you guarantee the confidentiality of information?

When you apply, you can choose to remain anonymous and hide your and / or your business identity. However, it is recommended to include a brief description of your business to increase the relevance of the answers from the experts.

We are currently in the process of preparing an option which will enable experts wishing to respond to your request to sign an NDA online.

How much does it cost to post requests?

It is free to post your request on eMindHub and to read the answers. However you need to purchase credits to customize your request with options  or access the profiles of experts based on their responses. 

Who has access to my request?

When publishing your request, you may choose the circle of experts that can access (default: all experts).

You can also choose one of your own circles, e.g.:

  • A circle which corresponds to one of your associations (e.g. alumni), clusters or groups of companies that use eMindHub to manage communication across their members
  • A custom made circle created for your purposes which consists of experts from within your network (former employees, partners your extended enterprise, etc.)