FAQ Expert

How will I be informed of new requests within my field of interest?

You receive an email notification with the title of the request for each new request. This enables you to immediately decide whether you are interested in the request for yourself or for an expert in your network.

You can choose to receive notifications only for those requests that correspond to the area of ​​expertise that you have filled in your profile ("domains" field).

What is my commitment by enrolling with eMindHub?

Your inscription on eMindHub is free. You agree to use the Service in accordance with the Terms and Conditions only. There is no clause of exclusivity and you are not required to have a minimal activity. 

Who can see my profile once I have signed up with eMindHub?

In general, expert profiles on eMindHub are not for the public eye. Only a customer who selected your response to one of its requests will have access to your profile. As long as you are not active, you will remain anonymous.

Should you belong to a private circle (association, alumni or a company), all members of this circle can access your profile.

Why fill my profile?

A user who selects one of your responses will access your profile including your contact details and all information on your skills.  

Filling your profile accurately and comprehensively will enhance your chances of being contacted by a requester and entrusted with a mission.

A well filled profile will improve the relevance of notifications about new requests.