A border free solution to Brexit

A border free solution to Brexit
21 December 2017 - Brexit border free platform expertise

What we do know so far is that Brexit is due to take effect March 29, 2019, with a deadline for the details to have been agreed by October 2018. But with questions now arising over the ‘take effect’ date, potentially moving out to 2020, uncertainty prevails. As the UK and EU move gingerly into phase 2 where trading arrangements are to be negotiated, the ‘nitty gritty’ so to speak, has industry on a knife’s edge.

The potential for Britain to become isolated from EU markets and surrender some influence in major industries as a whole, is real. It appears some companies operating in Britain are already moving jobs abroad. According to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), nearly two thirds (63%) of businesses currently believe that the UK will become a less attractive location over the next five years. The main current threats to the UK labour market are skills gaps (79%), access to labour supply (49%) and access to highly skilled migrants (43%), and businesses are not optimistic that these threats will be tackled effectively in the years ahead. How much this can be attributed to Brexit is not clear, but it would be safe to argue that the path to Brexit is only adding to these fears and challenges.

And what of the EU skilled talent currently working in the UK? It seems many have started to leave or will leave once details of working visas are made clear. HR teams are anxious and wary of potential roadblocks in moving resources across borders.

What if there was a way to make the borders irrelevant, and we could just get on with the business of innovation and delivering new technology regardless of where. High tech projects in the UK do today and will continue to need the skill and contribution of experts outside of the UK, and not only from EU countries but from potentially anywhere in the world. Likewise, skilled talent based in the UK should still be able to access good work outside of the UK if that’s where their expertise can be applied. Why should Brexit change any of that? 

In all the uncertainty of where to base projects, where to source and establish skilled teams, opportunities exist to use a ‘border free’ platform like eMindHub to access expertise directly, regardless of physical location. eMindHub is a structured and flexible means to access the best talent and for great people to access industry leading missions without the need to travel or move resources across borders. Brexit or not, it works for everyone.