Welcome to Talao. Welcome to the future of work.

Talao, the evolution to Ethereum blockchain for eMindHub.

eMindHub is rebooting itself as Talao to become the global leader in the talent on-demand market.

What this means is talent will have access to a great panel of companies looking for expertise, enable them to benefit from smart contract-based payments, and allow them to build a strong community-based reputation. Time to say goodbye to the middlemen in the traditional working industry. Power to the people.

What we believe in at eMindHub

  1. We see that the blockchain revolution is about decentralization. And just like the internet did in the 90s, will forever disrupt the ways humans cooperate and build reciprocal trust.
  2. The public blockchains will become mainstream. The amazing mix of open source development, coopetition among projects and the huge demand for decentralization is creating a unique mix of human intelligence, capital and momentum.
  3. And the working industry is accelerating toward a talent on-demand model. Leading companies are looking to engage top talent, as needs require.

Talao is the first public Ethereum-based decentralized and autonomous platform dedicated to talent.

Our Transformation toward a better Talent experience


Because the best talent owe their success only to their work and their skills, Talao builds a model without intermediaries and commission.


Because the best talent thrive in an environment where they feel confident, Talao gives them the keys to the governance of the platform in a transparent and fair way.


Because the best talent take years to build their reputation, the TALAO token gives them the means to certify their experience and regain possession of their reputation.