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Welcome to the future of Digital Identity

“SSI” (Self Sovereign Identity) refers to a digital identity model that more closely corresponds to the management of identity in real life, with its expectations of privacy and direct, granular control. Concretely, we keep our identity documents in electronic form in a smartphone application called a “wallet” and we present them to access services on the internet only if necessary.

A SSI wallet is the electronic version of a classic wallet. It is a smartphone application in which we can keep credentials as a driving license,  an identity card, bank cards, loyalty cards, certificates, affiliation cards, diplomas, ... in the form of electronic documents.

With these credentials you can, for example, connect to an internet service without even having an account and password, buy online while keeping control of your personal data, use your smartphone to access offices, a performance hall…. You will also soon be able to carry out online all the procedures that previously required face to face.

Keep SSI simple 
Integrate an Identity wallet into your application

Our ambition for this wallet is that a project team can integrate it into its application in less than a week, with the minimum of dependencies and whatever its environment, whether for projects carried by companies or by institutions. This ease of implementation seems to us today essential for the adoption of SSI concepts and technologies by as many people as possible.

Our project is also to offer for the first time a smartphone wallet available on the Apple and Google stores which carries the identity in the format of the Tezos network. The Tezos blockchain has many advantages for SSI identities, in particular that of open governance, high security and a proof of stake consensus which makes it one of the most popular blockchains. less energy consuming in the world. This wallet allows all Tezos applications to offer their users an SSI identity to access their services.

For the development, we used the fully open-source Credible SDK platform from the American company, Spruce Systems.



data privacy

With standard federated identity solutions personal data are at stake. Lets take a big step forward and give back the control of their data to users.


the future of Digital Identity

Prepare your company to interact with the Digital Identities and leverage this opportunity to improve your processus and tools.


users onboarding

With verifiable credentials you can onboard your users without any password or even an account. Furthermore the authentication process is strengthen with secure cryptographic materials. .


your corporate wallet

Talao provides wallet customization to your needs with specific templates and business logic for your credentials. You can propose to your users your own corporate wallet.

Start the digital transformation

of your business

Optimize access to your assets and adapt your company to offer more digital serrvices with the last technologies as verifiable credentials and decentralized public key architecture.

Adopt today the open  
source industry standards

The Talao wallet supports the technological protocols and specifications that have been retained or defined by the W3C, the DIF and EU for public domain credentials.

The wallet is already available in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. The code of the wallet is open source.

The Talao wallet is also particularly suitable for credentials from the world of business and training (salary slips, employer certificate, certificates of skills, experience, mission order, access badge, diplomas, professional certificates, ...) .

Get access to  verifiable data to make the right decisions.

Create a trustworthy and long term partnership with your users by enriching their Identity Wallets.

What technologies for SSI
 Digital Identity wallets ?



The Talao wallet supports did:tz, did:key, did:ethr, did:pkh, did:web, did:sol.....It is an open solution based on the most used DID methods.



The Talao wallet supports  JSON-LD verifiable credentials and  the 2020 Revocation List protocol.

Real  life 

use cases

The Talao wallet supports specific templates for real life use cases as payment cards, liability cards, affilliation cards, learning achievements, certificate of employment, .office badges...



Add new services to your Identity with json patches and  blockchain smart contats to flexibility and privacy. Set up an Identity for years.

Expertise and tools
for your SSI projects

Talao provides customization of the wallet to set up your own corporate smartphone application.

Talao supports you to build and deploy innovative SSI projects;.

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