About us

Entrepreneurs, pioneers of the first hour of the Internet, building on the success of 3 IPOs, and the development of eMindHub: leading platform connecting talent and blue chip companies. Heirs of 2.0, now with Talao we are pioneers of 3.0. And with Talao, we bring to life the values of the community blockchain.

Disruption: in love with a France that is evolving, always moving, we ourselves positioned at the forefront of technology and anticipating the major changes that will shape the entire world of work.

Integrity: It is the foundation of our project: transparency and security of a service based on blockchain, kindness and sense of mutual trust within a community.

Empowerment: This is the essence of Talao, its reason for being. It is the core in the design of a platform built to revolutionize the workplace by empowering Talent.

  • Nicolas Muller

    Nicolas Muller
    CEO – Co-founder

    Expert in Know-How and Skills Management, with strong experience in Engineering, Manufacturing and Aerospace.

  • Thierry Thevenet

    Thierry Thevenet
    COO – Co-founder

    Former founder and CEO of Fi System (public company), the first French digital agency to take advantage of the Internet disruption, as well as the Kairos Company, a scientific expedition operator. Thierry leads the Fi System IPO.

  • Denis Lafont-Trevisan

    Denis Lafont-Trevisan
    Head of Growth – Co-founder

    Outsourcing and Technology Markets specialist, former co-founder of Fi System, former Vice President of Capgemini and former Venture Capitalist.

  • Jean-Charles Marcos

    Jean-Charles Marcos

    Former AKKA Research General Manager, with more than 25 years in the engineering services area, and with strong experience in Energy.

  • Yoann Babel

    Yoann Babel

    Co-founder of Talao, 20 years of experience in the development and management of open source projects. Drupal specialist for more than 10 years.

  • Bertrand Frey

    Bertrand Frey
    Head of marketing and communication

    A specialist in relational communications, Bertrand co-founded and developed growth companies that have been either publicly traded or sold to leaders in their sector: Fi System, CRM Company, Come & Stay, SYNDIC +.

  • Voula Muller

    Voula Muller
    International Business Development

    Strategy and marketing leader with nearly two decades of experience in the telecom industry in Australia and Europe.

  • Maxime Hagenbourger

    Maxime Hagenbourger
    Blockchain Team Leader

    After working at CERN and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise on conception and development, Maxime is now CTO at Blockchain Partner - a leading French blockchain company - and has a strong experience in smart contracts and blockchain projects architecture.

  • Guillaume Duveau

    Guillaume Duveau
    Lead Developer

    After 13 years as a CNRS web engineeer, Guillaume is lead developer at Talao. He implements interactivity between Smarts contracts, ReactJS and Drupal.

  • Théo Loubet

    Théo Loubet
    Operation Manager

    Engineer specialized in business development. In charge of expanding Talent network and Product Management for Talao.


  • Stéphane Fouks

    Stéphane Fouks
    Vice President of Havas Group

    Stephane is an advisor for important CEOs in France and worldwide. He will help Talao becoming a global brand.

  • Fabien Potencier

    Fabien Potencier
    Founder and CEO of SensioLabs and Blackfire. Creator of Symfony

    Fabien’s mission is to help Talao maximise open source best practices and help develop the DAO as a tool for open source communities.

  • François Davy

    François Davy
    Partner at Bridge Point

    François Davy is Partner at Bridgepoint. Previously, he was CEO of Adecco France, the leading Staff Agency worldwide (450 locations within 60 countries). François will provide Talao with his knowledge of the staffing industry.

  • Frederic Fontaine

    Frederic Fontaine
    Legal advisor

    Frederic is a French lawyer admitted at the Paris Bar in 1987. He holds degrees in Law (University of Paris II Assas) and in Finance (University of Paris Dauphine) and is graduated from of the Institute for Higher National Defence Studies (IHEDN). He specialises in mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, financial engineering and private equity »