About us

A team of specialist experts on demand covering the technology sectors

Founded by Nicolas Muller, an entrepreneur from Toulouse with a background in the transfer of expertise, associate Yoann Babel, specializing in open source, and a collection of ten sponsors with backgrounds in aerospace and digital, EMindHub is the first of its kind, the Smart Professional Network, dedicated to the aerospace industry.

In this industry, where project work dominates, immediate access to experts who can deal with practical problems is a key demand. However, gaining access to the right experts is a challenge: identifying unique and scattered profiles around the world, with the pressure of not making a bad choice, all the while being attentive to the sensitivity of the information being accessible during a search for expertise.

It’s the answer to this problem that EMindHub is addressing. EMindHub is the first Smart Professional Network in aerospace. Starting with the principle that "where there is a problem, there is always, somewhere in the world, at least one expert that can solve it", EMindHub allows relationships to be formed quickly and securely between requestors and a community of 1,500 experts worldwide, who are positioning themselves on the basis of addressing specific needs.