Our mission 

We believe in a more open and connected internet. We believe you deserve complete control of your information including how and where it's used.

Our partners 

And advisors

Michel Amar
Board member at Chain Accelerator
Michael Amar, CEO of ifeelgoods is an international entrepreneur with solid experience. His business expertise extends across the worldwide marketplace including US, Europe, Israel and Japan.

Anil Bernard Dende
Deputy CEO Showroom Privé
Anil is currently the COO of Showroomprive, the second largest flash sales ecommerce company in Europe. He is a recognized expert of digital operations.

François Davy
Partner at Bridge Point
Previously, he was member of the executive Committee of Adecco, the leading Staff Agency worldwide (450 locations within 60 countries). François will provide Talao with his knowledge of the staffing industry.

Matan Field
CEO at DAO Stack

Matan will help Talao to build the largest DAO to date. Matan is the co-founder of DAOStack, the first open source framework to build effective decision making in DAOs.

Stéphane Fouks
Vice president Havas Group

Stéphane Fouks is an advisor for CEOs in France and worldwide. He will help Talao to become a global brand.

Dr Luc Julia
VP innovation, samsung. Co-inventor of Apple SIRI
He is Vice President of Innovation at the Samsung Strategy and innovation Center in charge of cloud services. He is a former Apple Director of Siri at Apple. Luc has several patents relating to human computer interaction.

Gaspard Koeing
Libertarian thinker and researcher
Gaspard is a french philosophy professor and writer, developing liberal/libertarian thinking. He created the Paris-based think tank Generation Libre which recently published a widely discussed paper advocating for ownership rights on personal data.

Fabien Potencier
Creator of the Symfony Opensource project
He will help Talao maximise open source best practices and help develop the DAO as a tool for open source communities.